Greenearth Intl Holdings Sdn Bhd, begin operation in 2009 in a humble site beside a Palm Oil Mill Effluence Ponds, is one of the forerunners in the “Zero Discharge” achiever in the DOE set requirements of Oil Palm Mills Operation and one of the major producers of Bio-Organic Fertilizer of low C/N and high Organic Matters, Bio Organic Slow Release Fertilizer and high Organic Matter Compost/Mulch compost of Malaysian Standards MS1517. A superb Bio Organic Fertiliser consisting Bio NPK, Water Retaining and Disease control properties is being marketed under “RICHFIELD™” & “BLACKGOLD®” Brand. They possess the technology to produce High Humus Bio Compost with the introduction of proper Biological management in producing the Bio Fertiliser. We are currently embarking on promoting AGROSOL “Carbon Dioxide” enrichment technology in crop cultivation for crop increment and production.

 The company’s main objective is to save the environment through the recycling of palm biomass, green waste, food waste and any other organic waste into high value-added products. The company is in control of its own production of Environmental Friendly Micro Organisms and Disease Suppression Fungi which will assist farmers in producing better and healthier non toxic crops.

Extensive research on crop nutrient requirement to increase crop production
Formulation of a Bio Fertiliser complete with Bio Control Agents and Bio Nutrients including improvement on soil moisture retaining capacity.


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